Please note we are currently rebranding to ANON Beauty Bar. All Kiki Belle services are still available and contact detailsremain the same.



Both Hair & Makeup lessons are such a fun and great way to update your style if you have become in a 'rut' or maybe your life has changed with having a little one and need some tips on how to still look glamarous in less time! Or maybe, you just want to learn the latest tricks and what best products would suit you!
What can I expect in a lesson?

Both makeup or hair lessons, will be a personalised two hour session  and in these we will explore your individual needs based on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes and also what you are looking to learn. We will go through your skin / hair type, colouring and personality too.

During your session you will begin with discovering more about your skin or hair type, how to develop a skin / hair care routine that fits your lifestyle whilst aiming to achieve the most beautiful skin / hair for you.

The next step will allow you to choose the direction the lesson takes.

 Whether you are having a makeup or a hair lesson, you will begin with prepping the skin / hair and going onto developing the perfect makeup / hair look that will best enhance your face shape and features. This ensures that you learn techniques and products that best suited you, and very importantly that fits with your budget.

• Prepping your hair, including Blowdrying
• How to backcomb and make sure the hair holds
• How to set curls
• The best tools for your hair
• Tips and tricks on pinning up your own hair in a style
• If requested, how to: plait, curl or straighten hair

What does a Hair Lesson cover?

What does a Makeup Lesson cover?

• Creating a personalised skincare routine
• How to prime the skin to ensure you makeup lasts all day & night
• Working with your natural colourings and personality for choosing your makeup colours (day or night)
• Techniques on applying face, eye and lip makeup this includes a smoky eye
• What brushes to use, where and how
• How to apply and remove eyelashes (not compulsory)

Who can have a lesson?

Everyone can a lesson in either (or both!) makeup & hair! Our classes are adaptable to all ages and reasons. A few examples are:

• Parents looking to learn how to style childrens hair
• Brides looking to freshen up their skincare routine and makeup look before the big day
• Pre-teens starting to use makeup (ensuring they are using the best products for them)
• Pre-teens starting to try out new hair styles
• New mums looking to get a quick and ready to go look
• Anyone looking to get the latest tips and tricks

Lessons are held in our Studio, however on request and if possible we can come to your location. Prices can be found here